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The SlotsUp team has made it a thing to constantly feed you with free online slots. Just like every other gambler out there, we also enjoy playing for real money. As a fan base there’s a problem that continually perpetuates us and that is the troubles experienced while scouting for a reliable online casino. There’s trouble in ascertaining that we’re playing the original games, we’re scared of cheaters, we don’t get if the casino is liscensed to operate in our country and we see covered traps associated with wager requirements.

In this article we’ll discuss in detail all the information you need concerning how online gambling is operated, what to consider when making a selection of the best and reliable website, the casino points that are available to you, things to be mindful of when creating your account to avoid being defrauded. We will also give a complete list of the online casinos with the best and most reliable reviews. You have the option of reading through the article or using the menu to move straight to the area of concern. Surely, there’s enough to go round.

Online Casino Types

Truth be told, the inexperienced gamblers stand to gain more from this section. As an experienced gambler we doubt there might be anything new here to you. If you’re still having troubles with which online casino to pick then you’ve certainly found your way to the right page. It brings us so much joy to avail ourselves of this opportunity to tell you in details about the different types of online casinos, the accepted payment systems in the gambling industry, how to use these options, how to make your first deposit and withdrawals of initial win, and every other information concerning creation of an account in an online casino. It might look like there might not be so much here. I mean, you can do this by yourself and get familiar with it by practice. We would love to cut your stress so you can use more time to enjoy playing than using it to search for multiple reviews and tutorials. You can trust the SlotUp team to gently immerse you into the basic dynamics of the gambling industry. Let’s start by familiarizing ourselves with the types of online casinos that you’re likely to come in contact with in the gambling market.

No download Online Casinos

Quick note: this is definitely where you should begin your gambling journey from. Just as it’s name suggests you don’t require any download to play, and the real money slots can be played directly from your browser. You will only be able to play in no download online casinos after your access the website, sign up or into your account, deposit your money and start playing real money games. Some of the online games providers are now making provisions for HTML5 slots. However, the majority of the time you’ll need the flash plugin installed on your device to be able to play. It’s very convenient as it doesn’t affect your hard drive in any way.

Download Online Casino

The direct opposite of the no download online casino. To play in this type of casino some softwares need to be installed on your computer. The download online casino is somewhat outdated as most online casinos use a no download version. Regardless of that, some online casinos are still stuck in the past.

Live Casino

Quite evidently, every gambler would love to play in the biggest casinos. Where they can enjoy the experience when a casino dealer starts sharing the cards. The live casino looks to bring this experience to you in the comfort of your home or wherever. On live casinos you enjoy a realistic experience from when the casino dealer hands out the cards to dealers from all around the world all connected to you by webcam. This experience makes your online casino more interactive and constantly giving you that feeling that you’re playing somewhere in Vegas. The most common games often played in live casinos are card games like baccarat and blackjack. However, some online casinos offer a variety of other games. Bigger cards for always used on live casinos for the convenience of all players. The cards are always bigger than the normal size to ensure that everyone sees clearly regardless of the size of the screen of whatever device they are connecting with.

Mobile Casinos

We’ve been propelled to so great a height by technology. Undisputedly, technology has played a vital role in our walk as a people. Today you can order for meals from the comfort of your home, you can explore lots of music and you can finance your bills, all from your smartphone. In this same way, the gambling industry has had its fair share of improvements due to technology. Now you can play your poker and spin a real money slot from the mobile casino. Once you access an online casino’s website from your smartphone you’re likely to see its mobile casino tab. Some of the online casinos might require that you download an app to be able to play real money slots and many other casino games.

Virtual Reality Casino

Virtual reality is just an evidence of how far we’ve gone technologically. At a time, it didn’t exist in our world but today with the virtual reality you can have a drink at a casino bar, play real money slots from the comfort of your home. Undoubtedly, a bomb experience! PlayStation games are already being played with the virtual reality. It doesn’t look like the future is far away any more because we see on every gambling trade shows how VR sets are being displayed to the public. If you’ve never tried Oculus Rift then you might never comprehend why the virtual reality casinos bring so much excitement to us. As expected certain equipment are going to be needed to enjoy this experience and it is one that’d cost you some money. However, it promises to be a remarkable experience. Also, it’s money and you can win it back.

Casino Bonus Types

Bonuses. Apparently, this is usually our favorite part. You probably have witnessed a mouth watering casino ad pop up on your screen even when you’re browsing the internet for unrelated topics. These ads preach no deposit bonuses, guaranteed free spins and lots more. We’ll talk about the three main bonus types you’ll commonly find in most online casinos.

Welcome or Sign Up Bonus

This is probably one of the stand out moments in the mind of a newbie when you make your first deposit. This bonus is usually available just once. Online casinos award you with 100% bonus of the amount of your initial deposit. The big online casinos don’t stop here. They do a sort of rolling welcome bonus. For instance, you might receive 100% on initial deposit, 50% on your second and 20% on your third deposit.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

A generous gesture from the online casino could see you receive the no deposit casino bonus. Glaringly, from its name, this is a type of bonus that implies that you don’t need to make a bonus to be able to play. You can spin reel money slots and actually win real money without having to stake a dime. This bonus is often gotten immediately after your account is created. It is a welcome bonus.

Free Spins Bonus

Free spins bonus usually associated with online casinos is a type of bonus where free casino games from the most popular slots are offered to you by the online casino. Very often these types of bonuses are received after making a deposit. However, the promotion page of the online casino is sure to have all the information you need to know about this bonus.

It’s always good practice to visit the promotion page of the online casino to know more about the available bonuses. In addition to these primary bonuses some online casinos offer other bonuses such as gambling marabthon and happy hour when you can play at knockdown prices.

How Do We Choose Online Casinos

You might be interested in knowing the methods we implore in making the list of the most reliable and safe online casinos. Due to our long standing experience in the gambling industry, it has become somewhat easy for us to detect the reliable online casino in one look. However, we wouldn’t be at the level we are if we relied strictly on what we see. We set our certain boxes that must be checked by online casinos for it to be admitted into our list.

1. Firstly, licensing is everything. This explains why it is our first criteria. Online casinos must be certified to operate by the gambling authorities in their location. We’ll talk about licensing again at the end of the article.

2. A constantly present live customer support agent at all times to attend to the challenges associated with deposit or withdrawals, and the gaming process in totality.

3. We value and adopt information from some reputable websites who have put together a list of reliable casino websites for a good number of years. Examples of such websites are the Wizard of Odds and Casinomeister.

4. A broader collection of casino games from reputable developers on the online casino’s website. The reliability of the online casino is directly proportional to the number of games in its portfolio. The big online casinos often offer games by reputable developers such as microgaming, NetEnt, etc.

5. The pending time is also one to watch out for. Normally, it should take more than 48 hours to handle your withdrawal request and every other thing. If it takes more than this then maybe it’s time to choose another online casino.

Casino Games

It’s common to find that the list of casino games on different online casinos vary from each other other. This is so because majority of the online casinos restrict their list to just slots games while some others explore the option of just mixing things up. Games often mixed up are blackjacks, video poker, baccarat, scratch cards and lots more. The no download casinos often have a wider collection of more demo games than us but we keep working tirelessly to update our list with the most recent slots games. Demo games are a suitable soft spot for an inexperienced gambler to test the waters. It offers free games which could help you decide in you’re ready to dive into the main action by playing with real money. It also helps to build a newbie’s gambling strategy. It’s basically a practice ground getting you ready for the big action.

However, if we’re placed side by side with other online casino websites, we have an edge. There are over 3000 slots casino games on SlotUp’s website and each and every single one of them is absolutely free by default. Our custom designed algorithm lets you play for free, and should you decide to start playing for real currency then all it takes is to click on the “play in casino” tab to be landed on the online casino’s list that contains your desired game. We make use of your location in selecting available online casino games in your country.

Payment Systems

Certainly, there’s a need to choose your most convenient method of payment when playing in an online casino. There are various payment menthols and currencies that are legible to be transacted with on online casinos. Obviously, when talking about online transactions, some payment options come to mind first due to its popularity and ease of use. Notwithstanding, there are other alternatives apart from the most popular options and these methods too have its fans who stick to it. Below we’ll present the list of the most reliable payment option available to you.

● Visa/MasterCard:

Credit cards are a mainstay in our society. We pay for things in our local stores and on the internet with our credit cards. It’s certainly true that paying with credit card is probably the fastest and easiest way of completing your online transactions. It’s highly doubtful that there are any online casinos out there that don’t take payments through credit cards.

● PayPal:

PayPal is a very popular e-wallet in the world. It’s a very convenient way to make deposits and withdrawals of winnings from online casinos. PayPal takes pride in the security of its users. This curbs the menace where a user could lose their money for some reason. PayPal ensures that your money is safe and that it doesn’t disappear. However, the downside to PayPal is that despite its colossal reputation, there are still some countries where PayPal is not available. In such places, gamblers are forced to pick another payment method.

● Neteller:

Once upon a time in the gambling industry, Neteller was recognised as the most popular payment system until it’s dethronement by credit cards. It is an e-wallet that’s available in over 150 countries in the world. Judging from that one could wouldn’t doubt why it gathered so much popularity for itself. Post dethronement it is still a very acceptable payment option and quite evidently most gamblers choose it as their primary payment option. Unfortunately, Neteller is not available to gamblers who reside in the United States of America.

● Paysafecard:

This payment alternative is a prepaid card sold at over 500000 outlets across the globe. Gamblers who readily go for this option are often the ones who are cautious and are scared of sharing their credit card information. This card can be used to make online purchases and it is also a very acceptable option in the gambling industry. It’s a very safe option but one downside often associated with it is the difficulty in finding it. This is particularly obvious in smaller countries.

Undoubtedly, there are other available payment options. All available payment methods are often listed on the online casino websites. It’s always good practice to take a look at the options before going on to make any transactions on the website. A few of the common payment options besides those listed above include bank wire, check, cryptocurrencies, Entropay and EcoPayz method.

Gambling License

Prior to this section we made mention of the importance of licensing in the gambling industry. An online casino cannot operate unless certified by the authorities in its location. Licensing is a sort of certification that confirms that the online casino website has passed the regular procedure required of all online casinos. To be certified, certain standards set out by the board of regulation must be met by the online casino. Authorities often charged with licensing an online casino website is usually a function of the location of the site. Several jurisdictions cover different locations and they stick to regulating their own location. A few of these main licensing jurisdictions include jurisdictions like the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Licensing Authority, the Isle of Man Gambling Jurisdiction, and lots of others.

It’s important to reiterate our stand of not working with or even including any unlicensed online casino websites in our list. SlotUp ensures that all the online casinos that make it to its list are well researched before inclusion. All the online casinos in our list have been appropriately licensed to operate. This means that gamblers can feel relaxed as they are assured of safety, and promised that nothing would likely go awry when playing.

Good Luck!

While we’re steadfast to our methods of carefully scouting, listing new and reliable online casinos, special promotion offers and gambling games. We ensure that all of these websites meet all requirements before they can be included in our list. Apparently, what is restated here is that deep research is often carried out on all online casinos before including in our list. It’s important to state it over and over again because we pride ourselves in providing a reliable list, and in maintaining our good reputation. You’re going to encounter lots of online casinos on your journey as a gambler. Most times these online casinos look pretty safe and reliable but just like us, you shouldn’t rely wholly on what your eyes see, especially when you’re still inexperienced in the dynamics of gambling. The best you could do for yourself is to take some time to read up reviews of these online casinos on our website and from any other source that holds similar information. We try to get stay in touch with you on and off our website. This is the fundamental reason for the existence of our social pages on some of the most popular social media platforms. This provides a suitable platform for us to answer all the questions you might have for us, and to also tell you more and more about slots games. You should never delay in getting in contact with us over anything you might want to talk about as we’re always available to talk to you whenever you need us.

Gambling awareness. We’ve been playing online casino games and we know how fun that could be. We play these games very much and it’s always enticing to walk away with monetary gains at the end of each session. The honest truth that’d likely save your future in the gambling industry would be to take it as your first and most important lesson that gambling should never be your primary source of income. Go out there, get a real job or just do something else but ensure that you never have to decide to make gambling your first line of financial shield. You’ll do yourself so much so much good if you can learn the art of taking both winnings and losses for granted. This would train your mind to constantly be in the state that it understands fully what it’s doing and what might happen in the very next instance when you make a deposit. There’s a reason it is referred to as “gambling”, on engagement you stand a chance to gain access into the honeypot or lose everything. Again, good understanding of these basic rules would save you very much as you advance in your gambling journey. A very good way to establish state of mind dominant as this is to always keep in mind that gambling is entertainment. I mean, to go skydiving you’ll need to spend some cash, to have a crazy experience at a club you’d need to spend. One established fact: entertainment would cost you money. When you lose be sure to remind yourself that entertainment costs some money. Undoubtedly, it should help to stabilize your reactions if you keep up with the practice until it becomes totally ingrained in you. At this point we wish you the very best as you embark on your gambling journey and we also hope that you have your time enjoying our free demo games and reviews. Good Luck!