Terms and conditions


The customers should be of the right age so that they are liable for their own actions. They should be over 18 years old or be above the age according to their area of residence age limit. 918Kiss reserves the right to withhold any dealings with minors and people of low mental capacity.

Our partner’s site rules will be followed in all our gaming rules. In the occurrence of a conflict, we inform our partners’ customer support so that they follow up on the issues and fix the issues. Should our partner decide otherwise, we reserve the right to know about their final decision.

You should be aware that our partners reserve the right to reject any bets from people with abnormalities. This includes irregular bets like those placed by the aid of artificial intelligence. Our excellent security keeps the server and customer’s gaming account safe. 918Kiss is not liable for any credit losses in the event that the player’s account is hacked from their side. However, we are liable for any losses arising from the hacking of the gaming server. We also try our best to keep the players safe by avoiding fraudulent activities. At no point should the player withdraw their credits after depositing before playing?


Our number one priority is to provide you with a safe place to place all your bets. That’s why we’ve hired the best personnel and security software. In so doing, our players are rid of hackers and malicious activities while gambling.

Nevertheless, the players need to act responsibly regarding their usernames and passwords. 918Kiss doesn’t take responsibility in the event that the player’s password was stolen. Players should always keep their usernames and passwords private and safe. They should not share them with others so that their accounts are secure.


All players should maintain only one account since bonuses are awarded in one account criterion. Only one person, household, real money account, registered email address, computer or payment method details are considered. In the event that a second account exists, all bonuses and wins in the two accounts are canceled and original deposits recovered.
No withdrawals should be made before meeting the promotional requirements even in the event of deposit amounts, bonuses or any other wins.
Here’s what happens when a member applies for a promotion bonus before their amount is credited to the account:

  • The account balance is declared insufficient to complete the bonus transaction.
  • 918Kiss reserves the right to request the member to top up the balance or deposit the same amount in the account before making the credit of the bonus.
  • The member makes a request to withdraw.

918Kiss reserves the right to decline the withdrawal in the event of the dissatisfaction of the bonus condition. Later on, after fulfilling the bonus requirement, the member can make another request for the withdrawal.

Unless a member fulfills the bonus turnover, they cannot cancel or withdraw the bonus. They would need to satisfy that first especially when they place a bet subsequently.

For counting the bonuses, only the win/loss wagers will be accounted for in the promotional turnover. At no point are canceled, void and draw bets considered. Specifically, only 25% of total games placed on any game of Roulette and 50% RANG game slots account for the wagering of the bonus.
918Kiss has the right to ask for sure proof of a member’s identity always. This information is vital in passing the security checks and must include personal information and payment details.
Wagering needs do not coincide as the first deposit bonus must be followed by the second deposit bonus.
Employees and relatives to the staff in 918Kiss should not take advantage of any promotional offers.
Though 918Kiss does the best to safeguard and secure the players’ information, we reserve certain rights. We can publish personal details such as the first name, first initial of the surname and the country of origin for promotional requirements. However, the players will be notified prior to the publication.
All players who participate in any promotion have consented to the terms and conditions as well as those listed in the individual slot games.
In case a player disagrees with these terms, they can contact the 918Kiss customer service team for further guidance.


Your account is only credited after a confirmation that a deposit is received. Besides, always keep the receipts safe for future reference. We might request you provide it for proving any transactions made.

After receiving your account balance, please contact our customer service on that issue. We will be fast to credit your player’s account within 15 minutes.
It’s important to produce their username, bank account number, and account balance when requesting a withdrawal. Should there be shortcomings in the information provide 918Kiss reserves the right to decline the member withdrawals during the verification process.